A downloadable game for Windows

This is my first game jam, and I'm pretty new to game development. Just trying it out and having some fun. I realized about halfway through that I had no idea how to use FMOD to play sounds until about halfway through, so some sounds cut out arbitrarily.

A/D to move left and right, Left/Right arrow keys to charge an attack left or right (a charged attack travels further). Space to dash (you are invulnerable during the dash). 

You can survive 1 hit. You can refresh this buffer by killing enough enemies.

Go for a high score!

Install instructions

Extract zip to a folder and run JOD.exe.


JOD.zip 1 MB


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Fun game, and it looks beautiful. The concept is cool. Took me a few minutes to figure out that the dash is the most useful move. I wish the bullets charged up faster (or didn't have to charge up) and that the bullets moved faster. The green enemies are really hard to kill, I would have then moving across the line you are in more or having their shot (where they are elongated, last longer)

Great work!